3 thoughts on “Ginger was 77 yesterday…

  1. Hopefully, Ginger – you will recover soon. Now .. I´ve seen you 29 Years ago with Jonas Hellborg in Gernmany, Dortmund. And that … influenced me until now. So – please recover. Deep regards, Daniel

  2. Hi -Happy Birthday.

    we are making a music doc about Eel Pie Island – it’s already won 4 awards – see trailer Rock n Roll Island on youtube. We’d like to interview Ginger about his time playing in The Graham Bond organisation and Cream if possible.
    you can find out more at http://www.eelpieislandmusic.com/film – and there’s a new museum in Twickenham to celebrate the island’s musical history http://www.eelpieislandmuseum.com
    my contact is cheryl.robson@aurorametro.com tel+4407860753 155 – hope to hear from you

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