Ginger was 77 yesterday…

Ginger Baker in Air Force
COPENHAGEN, DENMARK: Ginger Baker performs on stage with Ginger Baker’s Air Force on April 4th 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark. (Photo by Jorgen Angel/Redferns)

Getting on but still hanging in there…. a true survivor and legendary icon from another time.

Ginger on the road to recovery

Ginger Baker

After open heart surgery and a bad fall Ginger is miraculously recovering very well.


He called the day after his surgery to say he was OK. Albeit a rather disoriented and unintelligible conversation he was at least awake and aware.


The fall has resulted in swollen legs and feet which he is seeing his doctor about in the next day or so.


But although he is recovering, any performances in the near future seem over ambitious.

Ginger Baker’s Airforce Flies Again!

Ginger Baker’s Airforce Flies Again!

Welcome aboard as Squadron Leader Baker scrambles his crew to fly you to new musical heights and rediscover some old standards along the route! Originally formed late in 1969 after the demise of supergroup Blind Faith, Baker (formerly GBO & Cream) hit on the idea of reinventing the Big Band sound of his youth. After sell out debut shows in Birmingham and London’s Royal Albert Hall on 12 & 15th January 1970, many agreed in hindsight that Airforce 1 well and truly brought the African influence into the popular arena for the first time.


With a changing line up of star musicians, two albums, Airforce 1 and 2 were released in 1970, to critical acclaim that remains to this day. Now in 2015, after successfully touring with his Jazz Confusion, Ginger has decided wear his wings one more and travel in a new direction with blues, Africa, vocals, rhythm and harmony. Airforce 3, will feature previous material and add exciting new arrangements whilst showcasing new talent and collaborating with old friends.


Join us for this special club show, which precedes a bigger world tour planned in 2016.


Please extinguish your cigarettes and fasten your safety belts; we can promise you will have a fantastic flight.