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This is the official Ginger Baker blog. Here Ginger himself writes about his life and fortunes from day to day. Follow him here and feel free to add your comments. Ginger also has guest bloggers from time to time.

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  1. I wish you well ginger I love you and I think about you daily I know you don’t know me but your music has always influenced me and change me and my soul I can’t tell you what your music has meant to me you will never know how close I feel to you every day thank you from the bottom of my heart you are a true love of mine thank you

  2. I always feel stronger and happier when I hear you play thank you for everything you’ve meant to music I feel you are the most underrated drummer but the best ever in my mind I’m just one person but I think you are wonderful thank you thank you I am crying

  3. Mr. Baker,

    I’m listening to Why? and at the moment it seems to be your best album ever, if not the best jazz percussion album of all time! (although I love your African music and earlier jazz.) It’s just wonderful! Caused my friend’s three year old daughter to make the adults dance!!

    In truth, the timing and subtlety of the drums and percussion, and the interplay of the band, are extraordinary.

    I hope you are recovering and feeling better. Really I hope you will play and record again!! It’s too late to stop now, and your recent music is at the top of your game!

    Best wishes, get better and up to full speed soon!

    Kevin Callahan
    Anchorage Alaska

  4. Mr. Baker,

    your mark on this world is a smile on my 11-yr-old son’s face. He plays drums. His grandfather was Rick Jaeger, who died five years before his birth. Rick played with Dave Mason many years.

    The smile followed the last scene of “Beware of Mr. Baker,” the documentary.

    “So it was like that, then, when Grandpa Rick played,” said my son. I nodded.

    “Cool. I feel a little closer to him.” Off he went, to his kit in the basement.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Warmest wishes,

    Sean Boyce

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