5 thoughts on “Anniversary of Cream’s first gig

  1. Leda, thank you. God bless Ginger, a man who helped shape my late ’60s early ’70s.
    All love,
    Logan of SoCal

  2. Happiest of birthdays to you Ginger. Hope the day brought you peace and contentment.I thank my late brother , a symphony first violinist and jazz guitarist for turning me on to your music in late 66.From the first notes , everything I’d been listening up to that point, suddenly fell short.That feeling continues to this day .To mark this special day I play your music from midnight (neighbors be damned !) to midnight of the next day.Respects, admiration ..and without reservation-love ,Jon Patrick

  3. Mr. Baker, what is on your schedule? When can we expect to see you playing again? I would love for my Grandson to be able to see you playing as I did many years ago. You are the greatest and there’s a lot of us out here that love your music.

    An old Fan…Greg Shipe
    Hampton, GA USA

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