Ginger on the road to recovery

Ginger Baker

After open heart surgery and a bad fall Ginger is miraculously recovering very well.


He called the day after his surgery to say he was OK. Albeit a rather disoriented and unintelligible conversation he was at least awake and aware.


The fall has resulted in swollen legs and feet which he is seeing his doctor about in the next day or so.


But although he is recovering, any performances in the near future seem over ambitious.

21 thoughts on “Ginger on the road to recovery

  1. None of us is indestructible. I learned this when I broke my right arm this past February and I’ve still got a batch of healing to do even now. Get well one day at a time Ginger. At least we get these days to live in spite of our strange health! Stay strong my friend.

  2. Get well soon Mr Baker Sir. Hope to see you in the UK next time round.

  3. Dear Ginger,

    I wish you a fast recovery, I am sure you will be playing those drums in no time!
    You have recovered so many times in your life, this ain’t nothing!

    Your unknown friend.
    Konstantinos Andreou

  4. Hello Ginger! Hope you are on the mend and feeling better with each day! Just bought some recordings of yours and looking for more stuff to buy. Get well soon,GB the world needs you!

  5. You’re Ginger Baker- get yourself right. You’re needed,with Jack gone it’s essential Cream is not lost.

  6. I’m listening to GBAF and would like to express appreciation to Mr Baker for his monumental achievements. In many ways Mr Baker’s rhythms have framed my life.since Spring 1969…when I thought I was late to the game when ‘Goodbye’ hit Milwaukee.

    Thank you for your music. And best wishes to you and your family.

  7. Ginger – you tough old bastard! Get well soon sir.

    It would be great to see you back on your page with an air of arrogance and full of piss and vinegar!

    You were my first drum hero. I rehearsed Toad relentlessly til I could do it all! Built up my legs quite well!

    Best wishes for improved health and prosperity!

    Rick Baumann, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

  8. Love you Ginger. And happy birthday, which I hope it is since they mentioned it on the radio today. Lots of love and hope you are recovering well. I am a nurse from Boston so I have seen a thing or two. Again best wishes! And nothing but the best you are in my thoughts.

  9. Happy birthday (albeit a little bit late) Hope you get around to feeling better. I am recovering from my 3rd back surgery at the moment. Stabbed in the back by a surgeon, can you imagine. I would be afraid to attend a concert let alone perform at one. Best of luck with your recovery sir.Liz was very talented, love her artwork!

  10. Just wanted to say Ginger was a man who inspired my life. His music reaffirmed every thought I had about the greatness of the human spirt. He allowed me to let my soul fly along with his wonderful sound. It put me in places that confirmed my very being was alive and well.

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