5 thoughts on “Music of Cream 50th Anniversary Tour

  1. Happy birthday, old son. I’m dragging on 7 years behind you. Thanks so much for all the great music and life lessons. All best!

  2. Watched an a amazing doc.Mr Baker Beware etc.he had a incredible life..and his talent leaves me taken back..with stories of re in venting his life over and over…and his love for his drums..an unbreakable romance

  3. I would like to know Ginger’s set up in the 1980s or whenever this seminar occurred: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnwGvqJtcZ0&t=1300s

    The drums sound great as usual. I wanted to know what model Ludwigs Ginger was using and the type of snare. The snare looks like a metal snare, and if so, what type of metal and model?

    I read on this site that Ludwig wouldn’t give Ginger a kit to play a gig. Shame on them! Ginger is probably accountable for millions of Ludwig drum sales. I certainly purchased mine in 1971 because of his playing style and sound.

    Thanks for this website.


  4. Just got to say what a fantastic evening at the The Music of Cream concert in Wellington, New Zealand, on Wednesday evening. Absolutely excellent music and one of the best concerts I’ve been to. Totally tight, spontaneous, connected with the audience. Absolutely worth every cent for the tickets. Please keep this music and band alive. Glenn Hughes! Wow. Electric. Thank you everyone involved in putting this tour together. Just wonderful to see this incredible music live again. Blessings, love and joy to you all.

  5. Happy 77, Ginger! Welcome to your 78th year! And may each and every day be a special one for you! David (and lord Eric).

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