79 thoughts on “Ginger is shocked by the news of his health

  1. Best wishes. Doctors these days are almost as good working on tickers as you were kicking the bass. Get ’em, man. Peace!

  2. Dear Ginger,
    All the best for your health. Think about, how your heart was working during all your fantastic drum solos. I stll remember you in Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle with Salt blowing off the last tobacco out of your filterless cigarette during one of your solos. The short paper remaining in your lips. No hand free to remove.. What are the risk factors for the heart? Take care and get up the hill. An old fan of yours since 68 when I was 11 and got hooked to your nice music. Regards from Doha, Siegfried

  3. I bumped into you on a football field in Shongweni
    You gave me a right dirty look – Thank you, I treasure the memory of it.

    Welcome to the Wonky Ticker Club Mr. Baker – only the finest can join.
    Stents are badges of merit, wear them proudly.
    I now have three stents after two heart attacks.
    Turns you all philosophical too.

    Eddie Punch

  4. All the best to your health Mr. Baker. Get well soon…
    An old admirer from Germany

  5. Peter, (let’s drop the Ginger bit). Its the damn meds for the breathing . They are like Cocaine strength Steroids. They mess with a person. I am hoping there are alternative methods which can give you both relief AND can allow you the freedom to play. You are the best , and YES, I get what Phil was showing you with the 3 against 4 African jazz rhythms. Lady Godiva Oedipus. Love , John Marshall ‘3.14159, ride all day the circle line’ (gibbsy [AT] post [DOT] cz)

  6. Dear Ginger …… we love you man. You are one of the greatest drummers to ever beat the skins. Get rid of those fucking cancer sticks ….They are poison…… we need you around for a lot longer Good luck and God Bless you.

  7. Sometimes the body needs rest. Love and Peace Ginger from one old drummer to another Love and Peace!

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