79 thoughts on “Ginger is shocked by the news of his health

  1. Hang in there Ginger – Get well real quick !
    Loved your Jazz Confusion tour, hope to see you again soon !
    Peace –

  2. I had hoped to see you again this year. As long as there are all these great recordings, you will be playing a lot!
    Best wishes for better health!

  3. Ginger, I had purchased tickets to your upcoming show at the Tarrytown Music Hall in NY with the hope of seeing rock royalty up close and I’m sad that won’t happen. Wishing you improved health, a speedy recovery, the patience to deal with not being able to actively participate in your passion (hopefully for just a short time), and a sincere thank you for bringing extreme joy to millions of devoted music fans throughout your career.

  4. Everything will turn out well I’m sure off it – Please come to Wales Ginger!!!
    Get better real soon!

  5. All my best, Ginger. I’m glad to hear that you quit smoking. Cigarettes are mass murderers.

  6. Sometimes rest is the best cure for all ills no matter boring it can be. Spend some time with your family, write another book and keep your mind occupied while your body heals. And remember that all of your many students and admirers are hoping you recover asap. Get well soon Ginger.

  7. May your recovery be as swift as your hands , as fierce as your competitiveness and as complete as your solo’s. Rest up and recover soon. You changed the sound of drumming for ever and that is a good thing.

  8. Got to the back pages of MOJO and saw the adverts for Air Force 3 appearing in Great Britain. Immediately got on the net to see if there were US dates scheduled. No sooner did I learn that there were, I saw your blog post regarding doctor’s orders. I wish you the best and hope you’re on the mend. That’s by far the most important thing. My own disappointment at not seeing Air Force 3 doesn’t compare, although I do want to say that your Air Force 1 album is a landmark. I’ve bought all your stuff down through the years and that one and Middle Passage are my favorites. Did any of the recent gigs get recorded for future release? Get well.

  9. Sir – I just discovered you about a month ago after researching more about Cream (forgive me my ignorance, I’m only 45 and my dad was more of a Beatles fan). Anyway, you shared your God given talent with the world so I wish to share my God given gift with you: Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Stephen Smith.

  10. Us old Shootershillians will never get used to being wrapped in cotton wool.Best Ginger wishes for a speedy recovery ,pick up them sticks ,and ,as my old mad lad used to say “get up ,there’s money in the game”

  11. Get well , feel good , you are the best drummer ever , I hope to see you soon on stage with much energy. all the best to you. eg

  12. Thankyou to the best drummer for all you gave… You filled my entire life with great music! Feel better and enjoy the rest

  13. As a musician you are at the heart of the best!
    Now be there for your own and know that our hearts are with you too (yuck! Sorry about that!).
    Anyway, get well quick, you wonderful man! The party’s terribly dull without ya! 🙂 x

  14. Can’t take it with you but memories last forever

    You’re 1 of a kind. No reproduction.

  15. I sincerely hope you know we’re all pulling for you out here. You’ve been an inspiration to all who appreciate good beats. Please take care and relax. I’ll break a stick for you.

  16. Hoping you are in better health and great spirits! Take care of yourself – no one else will! Hope to see you here soon for encore!! ?

  17. I’ve followed you since the 60s Ginger. The Farewell Concert, the drums you played in that were the best I’ve ever herd. I thought you were great in Blind Faith too. I wish you the very best in your recovery. You can’t keep a good man like you down, all the best!


  18. Wishing you speedy recovery from surgery and may you be stronger, full of energy when you mend. You were my idol from the time I was introduced 1968… Or so to your drumming. Makes the band. Rest up, be healthy and how you get back to touring!

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