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For a period of a couple of years 1959 thru ..1961… I used to practise up to 8 hours a day on my kit…. after this I do very little practise….too much practise can be very damaging as a drummer gets to where he wants to play some lick he’s practised on the gig whether it fits or not, instead of listening to the band…..an ideal practise pad is a large hard backed book with a medium sized towel wrapped round it [dulls the sound and there’s very little bounce]

….once you have achieved the technique and ability to play what you need further practise is pointless….maximum of 30 mins a day on this pad is ideal….playing the rudiments paradiddles, paratriplets, mummy daddy’s and mummy daddy triplets…

Also you need to be able to play these rudiments at a slow tempo then stop and resume at a faster tempo..stop again etc etc….most drummers can play this stuff fast but to play slowly keeping each beat equal will improve timing and technique….if i’ve laid off for a while i just do 20 minutes a day on rudiments…that’s enough….don’t over do it..more harm than good comes of this…

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  1. I like to use the heavy brass muscle build sticks on my bed mattress and i put a memory foam pillow on top of a remo practice pad and stand for the rudiments and i use a 25 pound wight to build my wrist muscles .For the most part i find the most accurate timing in traditional grip…..However i can power down for shows switching to matched grip…..I pray to God on a daily basis to reflect his love his truth and his glory in my playing ….to magnify praises to him and to be …if you will…..Gods Telescope…..and to praise him with “the sound of clashing cymbals”…..I am only interested in “The Truth” and nothing else matters…..Your playing on “Sunshine Of Your Love”….and “White Room”…has endeared me to you as a forever inspiration! May God Bless You And Keep You Safe in Your Travels……..

  2. Ginger,

    I’ve linked here through Eric’s (Where’s Eric) website and now this is bookmarked, I’m pleased to say. I’m so happy also, to have this chance to thank you for the music and so glad that you, Jack and EC got to do it all another time. Couldn’t make the concert but have the DVD and have gifted it several times to friends and family.

    I know this may never happen, but many of us would love to have a revisit of the Blind Faith material, particularly since Steve and Eric have been working together, and maybe it could be fitting to bring aboard Jack Bruce to sit in for the departed Rick Grech, God rest his soul, on that specific material. I’ve described your drumming on that Blind Faith material as ‘majestic’, which it is and never more so than on the ‘Presence Of The Lord’ track. With Jack, Steve, Eric and yourself, it really could bring things full circle in more ways than one, I believe. Anyway, just a bit of food for thought.

    God bless you, Ginger. Thanks again for all the music.

    All the best,
    Santa Monica, Ca. USA

    To Lee Szymborski,
    Check out Old Testament Psalm 33; fits your remarks.

    I say a prayer today for my neighbors, who were slaughtered by evil barbarians nine years ago today, God rest their souls.

  3. Ginger, I’m 14 do you think I’ll be the youngest person who bought your book(and actually gives a crap about your truely incredible and most influential drumming)?

  4. Ever since I had arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees in 2000-’01, I try to do at least 45 minutes a day – mainly for my legs. When I told my original physical-therapist about my twin-kick drumming technique, and then demonstrated the leg / ankle motions, she agreed I’d be better off working at home for as long as I could stand it, since the motions were the same as my therapy!

    Although the knee-condition I’ve got is chronic, my regular “practice” has so far staved off another trip under the knife for four years, and counting. Ever hear a ratamacue – played entirely on two bass drums?

  5. If only I had the time to read it… -_-
    So any does anyone know when he’s coming back to play some show, maybe near the east coast?

  6. I believe that the rudiments are extremely important, have you seen the book that was written by D. Mark Agostinelli ? Its called “The Drum Rudiment Bible” It has over 500 rudiments in it. He also has a few other books that he has written on the rudiments. Check it out on Amazon.

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