It really IS us here!

Team Baker at Work

Perhaps you don’t believe it, but this website, forum, blog and Facebook Fan page are all run by the Baker family!  For the most part Nettie (Fan page), me (website), Mickey (a lot of other important stuff), Kofi (forum), Liz designing t-shirts, and of course Mr. B commenting, blogging and starting threads (with a bit of help) on the Drummers’ Forum… We really are all here!


We’ve been getting a ton of emails in from, and have been doing our best to read them all, and reply to them when we can. Currently Nettie is handling all these incoming and doing a grand job, I must say! And because we’ve also been getting some technical questions and comments we’ve created another email address – – where you can send all your technical questions and suggestions.


And let me say, we’re also having a lot of fun too! We’re enjoying the interaction – your input, comments, posts, and support!

5 thoughts on “It really IS us here!

  1. More than any other bona fide drummer of the final forty years of the 20th century, Mr. Baker, your approach to playing (not bashing) the numerous drums and Zildjian cymbals in your Ludwig kit (Rock Duo, right?) had a profound effect on my drumming style, I.e., playing musically as well laying down the same handful of hackneyed rock rhythms. Thanks to you Ddeveloped the ability to play poly-rhythms; my independence really improved. By the way, you’re right about speed: it’s meaningless if the notes are’there they belong.

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