24 thoughts on “Ginger Baker interviewed on BBC’s Newsnight

  1. Hi, I am a fan since Graham Bond! Thanks for all the amazing music. When Is Ginette’s biography coming out?

  2. Fascinating individual.A Big Life for sure.It is not for us to forgive,or even understand , the nature of his personal demons.He has ,in spite of them ,given all he has,and more, to music.Which in turn has lifted us all.Ginger,you are one of the Immortals.I offer my thanks for your contribution to art -and my best wishes ,as one fellow traveler to another,for your life’s continuing odyssey.

  3. Ginger has to be one of the most interesting people I have ever seen shown on film….what a zest for life….an amazing talent and man……

  4. Like Ginger, I have many regrets in my life. But i love Ginger and have since i was a teenager and first heard and saw him in Cream and Blind Faith. I just watched Beware of Mr. Baker and loved it. Ginger just cracks me up and he is still very ggoodlooking

  5. Mr. Baker, Looking forward to seeing an amazing drummer like yourself live at the shows in N.Y., great interview…

  6. Do you remember Phil Seaman, im sure you could never forget him. Wish he was around today
    He would tell all these hangers on and pseudo jazzers ive seen in clubs to piss off and go and eat their wallpaper!!!!! I remember Phil and his kindness to me.

    Will be coming to see you on 9th November in York. I might do a portrait of you.
    Judy (artist)

  7. Happy Birthday Ginger from one Leo to another! I’m listening to “Sunshine of My Love” I love the documentary about you “Beware Mr.Baker”You are an AWESOME MUSICIAN ! Keep Drumming !

  8. Happy Birthday Ginger! With Love & Best Wishes from one Leo to another! Thank You for all the great music!!Im listening to “Sunshin of Your Love”You are truly an Incredible Misician!Keep Drumming !

  9. Happy Birthday Ginger! With Love & Best Wishes from one Leo to another! Thank You for all the great music!!Im listening to “Sunshine of Your Love”You are truly an Incredible Misician!Keep Drumming !

  10. Just watched the documentary and I agree he has left his mark on the “drummer” world however he seems to be a very sad individual. As great as he was in the music world it is so very terrible that he is in the position that he is. I really feel sorry for him and I especially feel bad for his children who have suffered without the love and affection that they deserved from a father.
    It would be have been so much better had he have been able to have been a great father first and then a great drummer second.

    In my humble opinion,

  11. Hello, Mr. Baker. I’m a DJ, journalist, music fanatic, and longtime fan of your work. Just saw your bio film and was flabbergasted by your amazing life, adventures, misadventures, and career. I was greatly inspired by your musical passion, integrity, pioneering… as well as simply grabbing life by the balls!! I’ve never seen you perform, but I was able to see Fela Kuti back in 1990 before he passed. I also was able to meet and converse with James Brown in 1993 and see Miles Davis back in around 1986. Looking forward to your upcoming Oakland, Ca Yoshi’s shows in October!

    PS. I realized from “Beware” that we share the same birthday (mine 8/19/ 1965). SO HAPPY FUCKIN BIRTHDAY!!!

    PPS. Also noticed your middle name Edward is my first name.

  12. Saw Jazz Confusion tonight at Ronnie Scott’s – went on my tod and just listened – if you’ve had enough of everything do the same – just knowing that these four guys are somewhere doing this is enough to carry on – there is still beauty and the alchemy in the hands of Dodoo, Dankworth, Ellis and Baker is living proof.

  13. Still Hope I will get to see Ginger perform live someday!I always dug all the tracks with Cream and some of the other projects he drummed on.Pressed Rat and Warthog is a classic!
    Drum on Ginger’Drum On!!!

  14. I saw jay buglers lim on ginger and I was born in 1973 but I vaguely remember album covers itch his face but I thought he had an amazing life and so wild but I like the fact he hit jay with his cane in the nose in the film , I’m so glad ou made the film jay it has widened my horizons

  15. I’ll be leaving Miami tomorrow morning at the crack o’ dawn to fly up to NYC for no other purpose than to see Mr. Baker and his band perform. Like so many others my age, Disraeli Gears was my first record album ever (Mothermania by Frank Zappa & The Mothers was my second, but that’s a story unto itself). These two albums deeply influenced my future life and made me decide to play drums! I ALWAYS loved jazz, since early childhood when my uncle would play his Dave Brubeck and Ahmad Jamal albums…

    I’ve seen Clapton perform and of course it was fantastic! Since I’ve never had the rare pleasure of seeing Cream, Blind Faith or GBAF perform, I am looking forward to tomorrow night’s performance. I hope to meet Mr. Baker, if only for a very brief moment…

  16. Dear Mr. Baker, You are loved by many and never forgotten by those who love you. Regret has no place in the moment. It’s place is in the past. Without knowing, you have touched many with inspiration, yet I dare to think even inspiration can not fill the hole in your heart but may however; provide some comfort. I hope you have found what your looking for. For me just to have witnessed a man designed with a inspiring talent is enough to put a smile on my face. Our Lives are Streams Flowing into the same River Towards whatever Heaven lies in the Mist Beyond the Falls. Find your JOY
    God Speed

  17. I am a 53 year old professional drummer (with a day job) so I missed the live 60’s. Thank God for the recordings! I could never play like you and I would never compare you to the great rock drummers. Musically, you are in a league of your own and a force of nature. That being said, I recently lost my parents who left for the great stage along with so many of your contemporaries. Now you still have the time to ease up to love those that tried to love you for so long. Do it now because after your time here it will be too late…for you and especially them.

  18. I’M sure Ginger gives not a shit about anyone’s negative opinions about the way he has lived his life. Nor should he. Ginger you are a brilliant musician and uniquely your own person. Cheers to that! Fuck’em Ginger! Keep on swingn sir. Long live Ginger!!!

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