12 thoughts on “Beware of Mr Baker in UK Cinemas May 17, 2013

  1. just saw this documentary last night on – was it Showtime? Very, very interesting film. My heart goes out to the Baker progeny…their dad / very damaged / and seemingly unable to love. We might say he loved in his own way – but crimeny he’s one angry guy…still…I hope that you children have been able to realize your self-worth inspite of his negativity towards you and others….I know he’s a drumming genius, but the person did a lot of damage. I know – I had a genius, artistic father, too. But maybe what made him a genius in his art also prevented him from being kinder. I just don’t know. I did met Ginger back in the day in LA – we were graphic designers and photographed Cream a few times.

  2. Happy belated birthday Hinged on 8/19/13! Hope you have many more. Going to see you at the Iridium on 10/13 in the Big Apple! Can’t wait!

  3. Dear Ginger Baker and Kofi Baker,

    I am Malte. My friend is Bengt-Ake. We are two orphaned guys who suffer from multiple disabilities (handicapped). We can not move our bodies properly, and need assistance with most daily things. Our lives are miserable, very difficult.

    We were both abandoned by our parents as very young children. Still we remember how we waited and waited for them to come to fetch us back home, or at least come to give us a hug, but they have not appeared since. Not even on birthdays or Christmases. Not even a postcard.

    We must say we adore youur sound lots!
    Very humbly we wonder if we could have two autographed photos of you 2 (one each). Could this be possible?
    If yes, we would be so grateful and happy that it is not even possible to describe with words. A dream that will come through. If so, please send to:-

    Malte Aronsson,
    Noleredsvägen, # 11-D,
    42332 Torslanda,

    A big ‘thank you’ in advance, for your kind assistance and consideration. A big ‘hoo-ray’ to you for the great music!

    Bengt-Åke & Malte.

  4. I found this doc to be an interesting look at one of the greatest drummers of my generation.Being the jazz fan that I am,I was always impressed that a great jazz drummer like Ginger could rock too!seeing that jazz and rock all came from the blues this was no sudden surprise.It all came from Africa!So, thanks Mr. Baker for the big beat!!!

  5. Wish I was born before 1973 though so many good things I missed but watched beware of mr baker I loved it and your cool in your seventies too with attitude good luck ginger

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  7. Enjoyed ‘Beware’, I am 65 so had the pleasure of growing up listening to you from Canada. All the best!

  8. Ginger, I’ve listen to your talent most of my life, and the talent you have is a something that is so rare, that only a musician can truly appreciate it. Your Jazz fiff’s can not be matched (in my humble opinion), and although I enjoyed Jay’s documentary, you should have popped him again with your cane. I wanted you to know Ginger, that you are still admired, listened to, and thought of as the best. Best days Mr. Baker.

  9. A wonderfully gifted sociopath who consistently throws it all away. Well I never!

    I loved the documentary.

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