The official video archives of the legendary Ginger Baker

Welcome to the Ginger Baker Video Archive

Welcome to the offical Ginger Baker video archive! Here you can find hidden among your favourites, rare and unseen footage. Here you can watch Ginger play in the Graham Bond Organisation, Cream, Blind Faith, Ginger Baker's Airforce, Ginger Baker & Salt in Africa, the Baker-Gurvitz Army, Masters of Reality, the Ginger Baker Trio, and many more.

If you find an archive that we have missed on your travels through the internet, please feel free to let us know so that we can add it to the vaults!

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video strip
Interviews, bios, awards, & more...
Graham Bond Organisation 64-66
Cream 66-68
Blind Faith 69
Ginger Baker & Salt 71
Ginger Baker's Airforce 60 - 71
Baker-Gurvitz Army 74-76
Masters of Reality 92
The Ginger Baker Trio 94 - 95
Cream Reunion 2005
Interviews with Ginger Baker Eric Clapton & Jack Bruce
Blind Faith
Baker-Gurvitz Army
Graham Bond Organisation
Ginger Baker & Salt
Ginger Baker's Air Force
Ginger Baker Trio
Masters of Reality
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