The Official History Archives of Ginger Baker

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Ginger Baker in 69
These are the official press, video and historic archives of the legendary Ginger Baker - probably the most innovative and influencial drummer of our time. In these archives you'll find hitherto unreleased information - the life and times of Ginger Baker, from the day he took up the drums, his rise to fame with the Graham Bond Organisation, and Cream, to the present day. In these archives you can find out how Ginger started Cream, how he transitioned to Blind Faith, and began Ginger Baker's Airforce and much more. For the first time ever you can read the complete inside story of the fall-outs, the punch-ups, the drugs, the women, the bands, and most of all - the music of Ginger Baker ... including excerpts from Ginger's autobiography Hellraiser.
Ginger Baker falstaff 1968
Ginger Baker with Cream 1968
Official Historical, Pictorial and Video Archives of The World’s Greatest Drummer