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A long time ago in a country far far away… Nettie and I found we were ruminating over the same idea: how to communicate the Ginger Baker story, without the frills? We shared a good part of that story and knew it had to be told– and somewhere people wanted to hear it.

In 2008, Nettie took on the daunting task of writing Ginger’s autobiography, a feat she accomplished in just 4 months, going out to South Africa to sit with Ginger and work through it. She completed the editing herself the night before she was due to go into hospital for surgery…

Nine months later, Nettie organized a book signing and a gig at the Jazz Café in Camden, London to launch the book and celebrate Ginger’s 70th birthday – we thought this would be the end, the story was told. But as time went by we knew something was missing…

It wasn’t until Nettie met Mickey Banks (of Jimmy and the Destroyers) at a gig in London that the plan began to take shape. Mickey, a long time fan of Cream and Ginger Baker, immediately saw great potential in the idea.

So we started the Ginger Baker Facebook Group to find out if there were still some die hard fans out there and got Mr. Baker involved. The response was incredible! We hit the Facebook limit of 5,000 friends within a month and grew to over 9,000 in the following month, with Ginger’s profile quickly hitting the 5,000 friends limit; he still has over a 1000 (probably disappointed) fans waiting to be his Friend …

To be free of all  the limits we finally created the Ginger Baker Fan Page.

Running the group and fan pages proved to be a lot of fun for all of us; reading the daily responses, posts, comments, and messages – then we KNEW we had to make a website. At last, there in the Facebook pages we’d found the answers we’d been looking for.

In earnest, we began bashing out our initial ideas and designs, and started the work that continues today –

As we continue this journey, we want to include you in it as much as possible, to add your experiences of Ginger, Cream, and Blind Faith to our archives, read your posts on the Drummers’ forum and your comments on these blogs.

Most of all, we look forward to reading Ginger’s posts on the Blog and his answers to your questions on the Drummers’ Forum.

Looking forward to some cool times ahead!


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  1. Well I have to say this has been well worth waiting for ! I’ve been a long time of Ginger like countless others for many years, and I was at Ginger’s book signing last year and saw the Jazz Cafe gig as well. Ginger on Facebook has been a resounding success, and the reason for that in my view was Ginger’s total involvement and enthusiasm from the start by posting personal, and fascinating thoughts and even private family pictures – really superb ! And thanks to Ginger’s family too – Nettie & Leda have obviously worked very hard not only with Facebook, but also now this new fantastic sight ! Onwards and upwards !

  2. Thanks so much for the new web site. I’m also looking forward to 3:00 pm, when ” special announcement ” takes place. Great stuff!!! Jim in Tampa,Fl.

  3.’s the magic – I was a student in Birmingham, 1970 – my wife worked in the University publishing dept. Between where we lived (Edgbaston) and College, was Harborne – a student area. In Harborne was a three storey old brick Georgian House which had been turned into a studenty/hippyish second-hand boutique called Astral Weeks – browsing one day – on a stair landing I think, I found a copy of Wheels of Fire – god knows who the angel was that had parted with something like this – so – here was the beginning of a lifetime’s ethos for me n Irene – still we are working towards that art/philosophy lifestyle which Cream celebrated through their music….as chance would have it, Chris Gibson – in the flat beside us at that time, knew Eric in his youth and used to record his gigs on an Akai reel to reel before things got big.
    So – back to the magic….thru Facebook I have been able to share a little in the real world of Ginger, Nettie, Kofi etc. It’s the power of social networking – no longer is the world segmented into ordinary and extraordinary, and we are all the richer for it – rather than very occasionally picking up an article on Ginger – I see postings etc. coming thru and I know that the world is still full of everything this wonderful guy has and has given – no matter what age anyone is , or whether something ground-breaking is about to be produced – we all know that while the spirit shines, so does the music, so does the history……….so does the present
    …………….we have a band now, the submersibles based in Kilmore Quay, County Wexford and three of our regular set are old Cream numbers – which is a very real connection for me – IMRO – the Irish Music Rights Association have given us the go-ahead to record ‘Politician’ in the near future and our drummer, Shay, is going to be blown away when he sees what Ginger made of this and all his other masterworks xxx – Michael

  4. !!!! Exciting first day! Thank you to everyone on Facebook for all their kinds words about the new Site! The archive and site will grow and we really welcome and all your contributions, both on the forum and onFacebook Fanpage and Group! Please tell everyone you know about More Ginger Baker, Cream, GBO etc pics and all of the 1970s still to document! Its a labour of love!

  5. great to see the store going just beautiful. we will get some t shirts and hope all is well. good luck with all you do and as always god bless. chico rey p.s i got hell raiser out of sight. you rule! your the best!

  6. We can contribute, eh? I’m down with that, so long as The Guv’nor don’t get too starchy about my radical “re-imagineering” of one of his fine works. ;^)

    I’ll put it up here shortly.

  7. How could I ever forget the great music you blessed us with. I cannot imagine what it would of been like without your talent along with Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, etc. Life is good.

    Mark Wind Jammer Productions

  8. I met Ginger a few times after shows in the states in the 80s. A real gentleman and truly nice to his fans. Saw him last at MSG for the Cream reunion. He is and always will be the world’s greatest drummer!

  9. Yes, as Nettie said, we’re going to keep adding to the archives, we have Ginger’s early years to put up as well as the rest of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s… the Cream renunion…

  10. GB you are the reason i became a drummer,it took me a month to learn all you did on TOAD anf another to tell my band they had to learn it

  11. Hi to the Baker Family.
    And Hi to “jamie”,who reckons it took him a MONTH! to learn all Ginger did on “Toad”,(I presume he’s talking about the Wheels Of Fire Toad).
    Ginger Baker is a genius,and that Toad is like a rhythmic symphony with separate
    movements and moods put together very artistically,I doubt you could get all that in a
    month,and Ginger thought it up as well as played it!.
    To all the Bakers Liz,Nettie,Leda,and Kofi its great to see this site up and running,
    its long overdue hope you’re all well.
    Ric Gunther.

  12. Ginger Baker’s Airforce, Norwich Melody Rooms 12th February 1971 – aaah, memories. All the best Ginger and family – the legend lives on……….

  13. Hi Leda
    I was just wondering,is there a recording of Gingers drum battle with Elvin Jones
    at the Lyceum,I was there at the front and it was amazing but I’ve never heard of
    it since.Hope you can help.
    All the best

  14. Pressed Rat & Warthog Closed Down Their Shop
    They didn’t Want to, Twas all they had got !!
    Selling Atonal Apples & Amplified Heat
    And Pressed Rat’s collection of Dog’s Legs & Feet

    You are without a doubt my favorite drummer in the world, Thankyou so much for blessing the world with your incredible talent.
    As I have always said, Clapton may have grabbed the main spotlight but you and Jack were the heart, soul, balls and backbone of Cream. I have also seen you with Leslie West On Guitar truly awesome.
    Your old Bandmate Denny Laine is a close mate of mine, he speaks highly of you and often of you and he is also in awe of your incredible talents.

    Also I can dig your attitude regarding yourself… It’s totally right on

    Long Live Ginger Baker !!!!!!!!!!

    Ed Roman
    Ed Roman Guitars
    Las Vegas

  15. Ginger – I went to see you (Airforce) in Seattle in 1971. Buddy Miles opened for you. When you finished your first song you said “That was to give Buddy Miles a drum lesson.” You blew him off the stage.

  16. Dear Mr Baker & family,

    The best compilation of your early but post-Cream work, Do What You Like, has too long been out of print. I suggest that one of the specialist firms — Voiceprint, Burning Shed, and similar, are very likely to be interested in re-issue rights. I hope so, as there is no reason for the three albums on the compilation to be unavailable for purchase & listening pleasure.

    Thanks for making a lot of great music and good luck with your current projects.

    Warm regards,
    Terry McCarthy

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