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Ginger Baker Press Archive 1965

There's a Bond Between Us

Record Mirror Graham Bond review

Graham Bond the Sound of 65

Back Cover Sound of 65

RECORD MIRROR, Week ending December 18, 1965

—Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf:
Hear Me Calling Your Name; The
Night Time Is The Right Time:
Walkin’ In The Park: Last Night;
Baby Can it Be True; What I’d
Say; Dick’s Instrumental; Don’t
Let Go; Keep A Drivin’; Have
You Ever Loved A Woman? Camels
and Elephants (Columbia 33SX 1750).

The Graham Bond sound hasn’t yet clicked successfully on record, but on stage Graham is one of the hottest club properties. This album is well-produced and has a wide variety of songs and sounds. Instrumentals, blues ballads and frantic rock numbers are all here, and Graham’s graty voice up against the jazz-blues stylings of the group is a treat. Perhaps the atmosphere of his live performances are lacking, but this is interesting and entertaining nevertheless.